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Unique Focus is a video production business based in Perth, Western Australia. We help your business to create cost efficient professional videos that adds value and connect you to your audience so that you can grow your business.

Our Services

Video Strategy

Not sure where to start and how video can help your business to grow? Let us help you build a video strategy that integrates with the overall marketing strategy for your business. Once you have this it’s much easier to move on to the production and publishing phase.

Video Production

We produce professional videos that show your uniqueness, connects and engage your audience. All our productions have high quality sound and footage and we can add graphics and music if it’s required. If you have your own footage we can help you with the editing to get a more professional look.

Workshops & Coaching

Let’s improve your knowledge and use our expertise to learn more about how your business can benefit from video or how you can create videos by yourself (DIY). We provide workshops and 1-1 coaching.

Hear what some of our customers say about us...

"Having a finished edited product that looked professional and that help to show the personalities of the different people, was hugely beneficial" Diana Simich.

“I could always immediately recognize what the likely returns are. And that is the advantage that Mikael has. That I was not able sense or feel from other Video Marketers that have approached my before.” Mark Amin, Potter & Sower

Examples of our work...

Promotional video for fSpace - Fremantle’s Creative Co-working Hub - Take your business to the next level.

Video Testimonials "Trailer" for all of the video testimonials from the course "Converting Conversations to Sales"  by Training For Growth

One of the Video Testimonials from the course "Converting Conversations to Sales" by Training For Growth